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Looking At Pixels Part 2: Buildings in Gen 1 Pokémon Cities

For the second post in this series, we'll take a look at the arrangement of buildings in each generation 1 Pokémon city by looking at: Each type of building for a town/routeAny unique buildings Number of buildingsAverage height of

Looking At Pixels Part 1: Characters

Throughout my 20's I've had a here and there fascination with pixel art. It's both Game Boy nostalgia and fascination how much can be done with so little - a concept that finds home in my love for software micro-optimisations

Quick Takeaways From My Favourite Studies

This is a living list of studies that I either really enjoyed or spoke to me in some way. Eating Really Improves DecisionsExtraneous factors in judicial decisionsAre judicial rulings based solely on laws and facts? Legal formalism holds that judges