My name is Niko Uusitalo, I'm a .NET C# developer interested in nearly anything programming whether it's at the top, bottom, left, right or outside of the stack. Anything being CI/CD, databases, backend (sweet comfort), frontend, architecture, user interviews, feedback, reviews, mentoring, cloud - if it code touches it, or it touches code, I'm about it.

Other Tidbits

I've done things like speak at a conference, ruined one or more Raspberry Pis, speak constantly degrading Finnish language in a New Zealand accent, consume way too much internet culture, spend days at a time playing games, try to get myself into reading, get hooked and try to get myself out of reading, climbing my local mountains and getting just good enough to cook so I can feed my friends.

There are only a few Niko Uusitalo's out there at the moment when searching the web. Most notably a fictional TV character, one living in Finland (terve, jos näet tämän!) and myself.


Inspired by Scott Hanselman's Your Words are Wasted post and my growing private notes I want to access from work, posts are mostly written for myself for topics I wish I had on hand and now shared because others might need them too.

Who I Follow

A solid list in no particular order: Scott Hanselman, Troy Hunt, Jeff Atwood. John Skeet, the late Scott Allen, Scott Guthrie (ScottGu), Martin Fowler, Steve "ardalis" Smith, David Fowler and James Whittaker.

Views are my own not my employer's or anyone else, CC BY 4.0, glhf, gg go next