Compiling/Installing the pokesprite-gen Project from GitHub

As of writing this, there is a slight problem when running the pokesprite-gen GitHub repo. In this post I'll outline how to get pokesprite-gen running and ready to use.

Compiling/Installing the pokesprite-gen Project from GitHub


If you've ever seen fun little Pokémon sprites around, chances are they are from the GitHub repo PokéSprite.

An example from the PokéSprite readme. 

I've been using them for my Living Dex project - specifically the ones that Pokedex Tracker uses. However when Pokédex Tracker moved to using the 3D styled Pokémon Legends Arceus sprites, I decided it was time to make my own build and only grab the the things I want. Check out my post Making a Living Dex: Appendix A - The Whole Living Dex Roster to see how I use the sprites.

By the same user, msikma, there is also the pokesprite-gen repo. This repo compiles the sprites to generate spritesheets. Technically there is also the repo pokesprite-spritesheet but this hasn't been updated for awhile and has fallen to code rot.

So to recap, the user msikma has:

  1. PokéSprite: Data and images of Pokémon, items, etc
  2. pokesprite-gen: Takes PokéSprite and generates a spritesheet
  3. pokesprite-spritesheet: An outdated compiled spritesheet

And we'll be making it such that we can run the outdated pokesprite-gen to generate spritesheets for us.


Thankfully there is already an issue with a solution posted:

Detailed install guide or links · Issue #2 · msikma/pokesprite-gen
Hello, I tried installing this repository to generate a newer version of the spritesheet, but I can't get it to work. I'm mainly using npm, but it seems for this repository it's require...

Except... At the time of writing this I'm awful at NPM/node/Yarn so it took me awhile to follow. So here are more clear steps for those of us who aren't that great at this.

Big thanks to koenigderluegner for the fix and to isabroch for helping understand what to do.

If you want to just grab a working branch straight off the rip, I forked the repo and applied the fixes I outline below:

Get the correct branch

We'll be grabbing koenigderluegner's fix branch to do this.

Update dada-cli-tools

In the two files:

  • \cli\package.json
  • \lib\package.json

Change the following from:

"dada-cli-tools": "^1.0.0"


"dada-cli-tools": "git+"

The creator has changed the signatures of the methods in the data-cli-tools library, namely ReadDataSync now does not exist. This is why we're pinning this library to a specific commit. If you're interested, see this commit for when the breaking change happened:

A bunch of changes to fs functions, removing a few of them too · msikma/dada-cli-tools@6a38423
Libraries for quickly building command line interfaces - A bunch of changes to fs functions, removing a few of them too · msikma/dada-cli-tools@6a38423

Update pokesprite-images dependency

Updated the \lib\package.json from

"pokesprite-images": "^2.1.0"


"pokesprite-images": "^2.6.0"

Or, whatever version is current a the time.

npm i

Run the install command at root

npm i


Run the yarn command at root



From here, you can now run the script from root with:

node .\packages\cli\index.js --standard-build

The results should be in the assets folder.

Congratulations 🎉🎉

Assuming no other breaking change has happened since, you should now have the ability to generate your own spritesheets! The flags for running are still available on the readme if you want specific forms/items/etc.