Pulls From Opening 36 Pokémon Lost Origin Booster Packs

This is the record of all the different pulls from a Pokémon TCG Lost Origin booster box containing 36 boosters.

Pulls From Opening 36 Pokémon Lost Origin Booster Packs

For funsies, I decided to fulfil a childhood dream of opening the entire box of boosters. Back in the late '90s these booster boxes would just be sitting at the counter, enticing you to buy them - similar to chocolate bars at the supermarket checkouts. I remember picking out a booster now and again and feeling the excitement of what is effectively child gambling. I always wanted more, and I always wanted to open up a whole box and as an adult, I can finally do that.

At the time of writing this, Lost Origin is the latest expansion in the Pokémon TCG, so why not!  

Picked up one of these beauts.

Check out official page to learn more about Lost Origin:

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Lost Origin
See featured cards, learn new strategy tips, and get more details about the latest Pokémon TCG expansion.
While the price of a card is fun, I've no interest in buying boosters for selling the individual cards inside. 

The Pulls

The cooler rares, full arts and secrets. The big one here being the Giratina VSTAR Secret.

Then the Trailer Gallery cards. The Snorlax flavour text really tickles me because it really does sound like an old timey disaster monster:

This glutton appears in villages without warning and devours the entirety of their rice granaries—such occurrences have long been counted among the gravest of disasters.

Oh and two of the three radiants too!

I bought this booster box for another Pokémon project similar to my Living Dex project so while the cool pulls are... cool, I needed a lot of the commons to fill out the ranks. In fact, to get all the commons and uncommons, it seems I only need about 50% - 75% of the booster box to guarantee them. With the whole collection from the booster box looking like:

Note that the secret rares aren't on this list, nor are the Trailer Gallery cards.

The Sneaky Pulls From Before

The prior week, I actually had opened 12 Lost Origin and these two were the big pulls:

Any of These Worth Anything?

Not really. Nothing flashy.

According to Pokémon TCG: Lost Origin Pull Rates from TCGPlayer I did get a couple of rare cards:

And if we do take a look at the estimated price of the top 5 + 2 from the pulls we get something like:

Card Price USD
Giratina VSTAR (212) (Secret) $35
Gallade V $7
Pidgeot V (Full Art) $3
Snorlax $2
Hisuian Zoroark V $2
Mew VMAX (Secret) $12
Pikachu VMAX (Secret) $10
Total $71

Figures via:

  1. Pokémon SWSH11: Lost Origin Price Guide by TCGPlayer
  2. Pokémon SWSH11: Lost Origin Trainer Gallery Price Guide by TCGPlayer

Let's say the ROI ain't great 🤷‍♀️. But thankfully this is for collecting, rather than selling so it's all good and fun 🥳!

To Conclude

I had a really fun time. It wasn't just me opening the packs, so there was a lot of fun back and forwards, checking out the cards, and laughs during the whole process. All in all it took about two hours of this to get through all 36 booster packs. While I got to savour each one of them, it was a hella slow pace compared to some, if not most.

If you're still feeling an itch on Pokemon booster packs after this read, check out just another pack opening stream from RayNarvaezJr: